BFC Lira - 2 Group Compact Espresso Machine
BFC Lira - 2 Group Compact Espresso MachineBFC Lira - 2 Group Compact Espresso Machine
$ 5,972
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General Specifications

The LIRA Two Group Compact Espresso Machine is an excellent choice for customers with limited counter space.  The BFC designers kept the two group heads, hot water spigot, and two steam wands of a full-size machine, and then shortened the boiler to make the machine more compact.  The power and speed of the 220v espresso machine allows the Barista to continuously produce one to four cups of espresso or cappuccino drinks at the same time while taking up less counter space.  It is ideal for the small to medium café or restaurant.

The Lira Series of espresso coffee machines are a perfect blend of modern and traditional design. The result of this combined design is a great accomplishment that most often cannot be easily achieved. But thanks to the unique BFC Design Team, they did it and made it look easy. The Lira has the look and feel of function, substance and elegance that fits easily in any contemporary or traditional establishment.

The Compact Lira is only available in the 2 Group size, the most popular choice for cafes and restaurants looking to add great tasting espresso drinks at an affordable price.

The Lira Two Group Compact is available with Electronic Programmable Keypad switches.

The Copper Boiler: The Lira Two Group Compact has an 8-liter boiler with an internal heat exchanger that provides thermal continuity to the group head and very efficient steam production.

Tubing is made of heavy gauge copper for better heat retention.

Group Heads are made of heavy solid brass castings for consistent temperature retention and proper thermal balance.

Steam Wands are made of stainless steel for durability and easy maintenance.

Hot Water Dispenser is made of copper and brass with nickel and chromium plating.

Motor and Pump: The 220V 50/60hz motor powers the brass rotary vane pump with quite and consistent water pressure.

Stainless Steel Drip Basin is built with a movable slider tray in order to accommodate espresso cups or tall paper cups for in-house or takeout service.

Nickel Plating: All of the BFC Srl espresso coffee machines imported into the USA by Royal Falcon Enterprises comply with USA and Canadian electrical and sanitation specifications and are UL/NSF certified. All the copper boilers, copper heat exchangers, copper tubing and water carrying components that carry water or steam to produce espresso coffee or cappuccino are nickel plated in order to maintain continuous water and steam quality.

Groups: 2
Model Styles:
Electronic Programmable Keypad
20 AMP
Boiler Size:
8 LT
Steam Wands:
Steam Valve Style:
Pump Type:
Rotary Vane
Hot Water Dispenser:
Water Level Display:
Certified NSF/UL:
USA Warehouse Stocked:


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