COVID-19 Re-opening Services:

April 19, 2020

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Food and Beverage Industry has experienced many challenges and tough decisions. Some of you have been able to remain open on a limited basis while others have closed completely. These times have been difficult and we want to be here to support you through these challenges.
Recently we attended a webinar with our friends at the Coffee Technician's Guild. One of the main topics of concern was how to best support our customers in regards to re-commissioning, sanitizing and/or de-commissioning equipment.
We have developed service programs based on manufacturer guidelines to address these issues.

Priority 1: Restore Water Quality: 

Of most importance is your Ingredient Water.  When water sits for several weeks it becomes stagnant and compromises water quality.  Our service technicians will replace and purge water filters, followed by waterlines and boilers to displace compromised water in equipment with fresh ingredient water.  

Priority 2: Test Machine Performance:

When equipment, such as an espresso machine, sit for long periods of time without use, certain parts of the machine fail.  In the field, we are currently experiencing Gaskets, gigleurs, and pump failures. Our service technicians will inspect your equipment by following manufacturer recommendations and guidelines for re-commissioning equipment.

Priority 3: Inspect Remaining Equipment:

During these services we will be able to inspect and monitor water flow to additional equipment, testing flow rates and ensuring top performance.
We recommend these services be scheduled at least a week in advance of re-opening your location. Customers should allow at least 2 hrs. to complete these services.  Some may be shorter, however we have also had services that go beyond this time and want to make sure we are as transparent as possible.  
Call (707)-778-9448 or email us for an appointment.   
As things progress we will do our best to provide updates and share new information.

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