Center Spray Pitcher Rinser Drip Tray with Drain
Center Spray Pitcher Rinser Drip Tray with Drain
$ 164

16″ x 7″ Pitcher Rinser SS Polished

In-counter rinser drip tray for cafes. Cut out counter surface to the rinser dimensions. Center spray rinser with drain plate on either side. Easy to rinse and dry over the drip tray.
Convenient for rinsing frothing pitchers. Press down the rinser disk to release water jet.

All Krome rinsers are NSF certified.

Please Note: It is recommended that you use a Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV) when connecting to a mains water line.


C029 – 1/2″ BSP Connector With 3/8″OD X 5 Feet Hose
16″ x 7″ Center Spray Rinser
SS Polished finish
Rinse milk steaming jar after every use. Keeps it hygienic and ready for next use
In-Counter model. Fits into the countertop.
Stainless steel rinser disk with high-pressure jet sprayer
For best results, use cool water.

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